Burley Solo Bike Trailer Review

Published: 19th July 2011
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With the Burley Solo Bike Trailer, its most apparent virtue is in its name. The Burley Solo Bike Trailer is built for one lucky child. With its intended use as a single bike trailer, both the weight and width are significantly less than other bike trailer models.Clocking in at 23.5 lbs, the Burley Solo Bike Trailer is one of the lightest, if not the lightest single bike trailer out there.

If you think the approximately 5 pound difference between the Burley Solo and the Burley D’Lite is not that big of a deal…it is when you are riding up a steep hill with your toddler and your steep gear packed in there.Only 27.8 inches wide, the Solo has excellent side clearance on those tight bike paths. This is as big as a safety benefit as it is convenience and you are not sacrificing comfort, as it was built for one child with a capacity of 75 lbs.

The Burley Solo Bicycle Trailer, like most trailers on the market, has hammock, or sling style seats. Unlike most trailers on the market, its seats are padded and they can recline. With its intended use as a single trailer, you will not get the typical gripe that your kids are clanging into each other, as the migrate into the center of the bike trailer …because you will only have one kid in there in the first place.

Burley Solo Bike Trailer Safety Features

The Burley Solo Bicycle Trailer is equipped with an elastomer suspension system, which is simply a piece of plastic between the axel and frame that helps absorb some of the bumps. This suspension is not commonly seen on lower price trailer models and it reportedly helps make for a smooth, comfortable ride. The Solo has a 5-point safety harness which, along with the seat pad is removable for cleaning. It also has a cover with waterproof zippers and a large, adjustable shade with UV protection that can easily roll up to increase air circulation in the bike trailer. The Burley Solo Bike Trailer also has an internal roll cage, in the event the bike trailer tips over.

The Burley Solo Bike Child Trailer Versatility

The Burley Solo Bicycle Trailer can be used all year round and for multiple uses with the additional Burley made kits. Burley has created kits to modify your bike trailer including the stroller kit, the jogger kit, the "We Ski Kit" and the "Baby Snuggler" for infants. The Burley Solo has adjustable handlebars, which will come in handy if mom and dad want to take turns pushing the stroller.

Additional Bells and Whistles

The Burley Solo has a parking brake to prevent the trailer from rolling away if you are stopped on a hill. The Solo has removable wheels that easily detach with a push of a button and a retractable tow-bar, allowing the it to flatten for storage.

The Burley Solo Bicycle Trailer also has a helmet pocket, which is recessed space behind the top of the seat that gives your child some extra room when they are wearing a helmet. While this is a rather logical design, its often only included in the better bike trailer


The Good

1. Burley is an industry leader in trailer design

2. The Solo is among the lightest on the market.

3. The Burley Solo Bicycle is narrower than most other bike trailers

4. The Solo is equipped with an elastomer suspension

5. The Sling style seats are padded and recline

6. The harness and seat pad are removable for cleaning

7. The adjustable window shade provides protection from the sun

8. The Burley Solo Child Bike Trailer has a helmet pocket

9. A parking brake will keep the bike trailer stationary when parked

10. This trailer has detachable wheels, allowing it fold flat and compact

11. The Solo has a storage compartment that can fit diapers, tools, food and more

The Bad

1. There is negative customer feedback about the conversion kits

2. This trailer is a higher price point for casual bike trailer users

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